1. Write a to-do list

Almost all of us work better when we have a visible reference for our work to prompt us, as opposed to thoughts of tasks we need to do floating around in our heads. Sounds simple and it is. Write a list.

  1. Start with the easiest tasks first

Talking of simple, we all know the feeling. You’ve been efficient the night before by writing out your to-do list and it’s as long as your arm! Like many people, (us too) you’ve heard advice telling you to tackle the trickiest tasks first as they require more time and effort. However, all our Virtual Assistants, with their combined experience, are in agreement that you should actually start the smaller, simpler tasks first. Completing these builds positive momentum and this develops your mental state to a better level to tackle the more complex tasks effectively and efficiently.

  1. Schedule regular breaks

It may seem counter-intuitive to you when you’re really busy with your daily tasks to have a time-out for more than the few minutes it takes to eat your lunch but your productivity throughout the day will be a lot higher if you give your mind the chance to clear cluttered thinking regularly. We often hear from our clients that their best ideas come when they are not at work at all. At Expert PA Services we agree that it’s important to work hard but even more important to work smart.

  1. Don’t overcommit!

Many people are guilty of taking on more work than they can handle. As a virtual assistant service we have a deep understanding of the benefits of outsourcing and delegating. Why waste unnecessary time on tasks that will take you away from things you’re more productive on? Save yourself time by allocating this work to others and reap the rewards!

  1. Allocate time to tasks and stick to this

Sometimes called ‘chunking’ by our personal assistants, this involves designating a certain amount of time only to each of your tasks per day. This helps keep you focused on the goals for each task and keeps you aware of how long you are spending (sometimes wasting) on these to build further experience for efficiency for the future.