Advantages of a virtual assistant over a personal assistant

Expert PA Services take a look at 5 benefits of hiring a virtual personal assistant

1. Cut down on costly London office overheads

We all know that office space, particularly in central London, is expensive. One of the biggest advantages of hiring a virtual assistant is that this expense is not necessary. Your virtual assistant works remotely and, therefore, you have no obligation to provide office space. Not only will you make savings on this, you will also not need to commit to:

  • sick pay
  • maternity leave
  • pension contributions
  • national insurance
  • calculate tax
  • the risk of losing new staff soon after they are trained

2. You get access to a team rather than just an individual

When compared with a traditional personal assistant role, a virtual assistant service provides you with access to a team rather than one individual in your office. At Expert PA Services, for example, we allocate a specific virtual assistant to a new client but often, to get tasks completed quicker, the assistant is supported by other team members. With the pace of business life in London, this time-efficiency can be crucial for our clients. The Expert PA Business VA explains this in detail.

3. Save precious time

Anything that needs to be done but doesn’t require a physical presence can be done by a good virtual personal assistant. It is surprising how few tasks these days in business life require a person to physically be on a location. Although in some instances, face to face meeting is crucial in building relationships with customers and business associates, the bulk of tasks in most businesses we handle in the city of London can be handled remotely in a very time efficient manner. This has the advantage of freeing up valuable time to focus on their own role and maximising their own efficiency.

4. Get tasks done outside of traditional working hours

London’s time zone is perfectly central, making it the most effectively placed city in the world to trade in the global market. Because of this, many of our business clients do a lot of business with companies in different time zones. A great advantage of hiring a virtual assistant service is that we are not limited to traditional London office hours and so, can support our clients in liaising with companies in different time zones with ‘out of office’ hours. This flexibility is often seen as the top selling point of most good virtual personal assistant services. For example, we help many of our clients arrange short term accommodation through for their stays in London while they are sleeping in another time zone.

5. Work to budget and task

With a good virtual assistant service, the client pays purely for the work done and can even arrange a pre-set budget. In London, where competition is fierce and efficiency in spending is paramount, it’s a great resource to have a service on hand to pay per task and not commit to annual salaries that a full-time personal assistant brings.


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