Hi everyone! My story, the short version: I spent many years as a personal assistant in the City of London, Knightsbridge and Chelsea (amongst many other offices) and gained a lot of experience during this time and became good at what I did. I enjoyed my work a lot of the time but always felt I could set up my own business and offer people so much more that way and offer a service that I found even more rewarding to do…

The thing for me was that I was worried I would find it difficult to move from my job to setting up on my own. There was so much to consider: How would I find clients? How would I brand my business? How to manage my time best? Could I make it all work?

Looking back…

In hindsight, I hesitated for too long to get going as a Virtual Assistant but, when I eventually did, I learned through trial and error exactly what it took to make the change successfully.

Expert PA Academy: Advice and help on how to build an online business to work from home

Over the last few years of building Expert PA Services I have always had in mind the idea of building a VA Academy (http://expertpaservices.co.uk/services/va-academy) and support network for others that faced similar issues. I also thought I could offer a training/refresher service for people such as full time mums who have been out of the workplace and need to get themselves back up to speed with their PA skills before transferring them to working online from home or those who didn’t want to go back into the ‘normal’ workplace working long hours and feeling unsatisfied.

A service to help people work from home…

I didn’t want to rush putting everything together so took my time to put together ideas and programmes that I have spoken to many other virtual assistants about too. I decided to set up a free webinar as a way for you to get involved without committing to any payment, simply a way for you to ask questions during our webinars and if you appreciate the value we offer you are welcome to look at the courses we will be offering specifically.

As with any good business our VA Academy is a work in progress and the team and myself will continue to improve and adapt our service as we go on. I look forward to transferring as much experience from myself and my team to you as I possibly can!

If you would like to join our free webinar service and have access to our Facebook support group please simply comment ‘Yes’ or message us with your email address and we will arrange this for you.

Have a great evening,

Laura 🙂