Lifestyle management

Over the last year, as a service, Expert PA Services have noticed a particular increase in the demand for a lifestyle management service within London and surrounding areas. This can be defined as the outsourcing of personal tasks to commercial firms and/or individuals. This has pushed us to develop new skillsets as a team to meet this demand and today I thought I would share with virtual assistants and others interested, why in our personal experience, this is such a big and growing market and why it’s a very fun and dynamic part of what we now do.

We began Expert PA Services primarily as a Virtual Assistant service focused on offering remote admin support for businesses which was my partner Laura’s field of expertise. She had spent many years in traditional personal assistant roles based in offices in Knightsbridge, Westminster, Kensington and then over to the City of London. Laura worked out exactly what it would take to make the transition to providing Virtual Assistance to multiple clients with our own service.

My background was based around health and fitness, having spent over seven years running a successful personal training service in Essex. Whilst helping people become physically fitter through gym programmes was my main focus, I began to realise that a healthy and fit client comes from a holistic approach and part of this is coaching people on leading balanced lives. Eating well, organising personal time efficiently and outsourcing tasks to increase their own personal efficiency are all crucial for a rewarding lifestyle.

So, as we have developed Expert PA Services, we have merged our skillsets at the head of the business and ensured that as we began to take on team members, they had a similar approach to handling our clients’ demands. We have recognised that clients contacting us for support in lifestyle management do so because they value the benefit and efficiency of organising many aspects of their life such as:

  • Holidays and Travel arrangement
  • Personal Shopping
  • Events & Party Management
  • Property Management
  • Staff Organisation/Household Management
  • School & Education advice and application support
  • Private Jet charter
  • Private Members clubs & Restaurant booking
  • Ski trip arrangements
  • Private Wealth management – referral to specialists
  • Private Health Care advice and arrangement
  • Recruitment support
  • Personal Chef hire

For more information on any of these you can visit our Personal VA or Concierge services.

Our experience in expanding our lifestyle management service has been fun, challenging and has certainly been very well received by clients! We look forward to improving on this service in the future!

Have a great day!

Nick 🙂