What is email management?

Email management is a service our team provides to many of our clients. With so much email piling into your inbox on a daily basis, it can take up valuable chunks of your time sifting through and pulling out what’s important from the junk. Our team of highly experienced Personal Assistants can make this one less task for you to deal with and free up much of your time to be far more productive elsewhere.

How does email management work?

We usually designate a remote personal assistant to you as our client. They will have access to your email account and will monitor what comes into the inbox. They will then follow your specified instructions on correspondence where necessary. They can forward priority responses directly to you if required and set up effective spam filters to separate the good from the bad.

What are the main benefits of email management?

  • Crucial time saved by clients to spend more productively elsewhere in the business
  • A professional response to email items provided by our highly experienced team
  • Swift correspondence on client’s behalf through our dedicated team

We offer a variety of other office solutions for companies looking to grow and take advantage of outsourcing without cutting down on quality. All of our team are vastly experienced Personal Assistants with corporate backgrounds in the City of London and now operate remotely to save our clients on costly office overheads. If you are aiming to streamline your workload whilst staying as efficient and cost effective as possible then this is a service I would highly recommend.

If you are interested in finding out more about this service or about any of the other services our team provide, simply email me directly for personal response: info@expertpaservices.co.uk

Have a productive and efficient day! 🙂