Are you a new mum?

I think the idea of going back to work can be a concern for a new mum after having their first child. Going back to work is something that many of us have to debate whether/how to do and this and that can be a big worry to us. Are you a new mum and not wanting to go back to work?

Certainly I would have this concern too had I not have set my own business up from home. Luckily I am now able to balance my work life around being mother to my newborn baby Rosie ❤️


Although I have the same challenges with raising a new baby as any new mum, I feel privileged to be able to work from home. This is because I am able to spend this precious time with her while I work. You may be in the same position as Natalie (above) was before taking our course. This is why setting up an online business as a Virtual Assistant from home has been the perfect solution for so many of our students!

As you may gather from many of my posts, I am very passionate about the Virtual Assistant industry and our way of working as I feel it is the future! In my mind, there are so many others out there, such as new mums who have experience as Personal Assistants or an admin background, who have so much to offer the industry and would benefit hugely from working remotely from home. The concern for many is how to make this work as a profitable business. If you are currently searching for personal assistant jobs, then why not consider setting up your own virtual assistant business from home.

Setting up a profitable Virtual Assistant business

This is why we have set up Expert Virtual Assistant Academy. Along with our free webinars, we have now created a step-by-step online course that takes you through exactly how to set up a profitable virtual assistant business from scratch and run it from home! I tackled a lot of challenges I faced and managed to overcome them as I moved from working in a personal assistant job role to building my own business, Expert PA Services, to where it is now. This put my team and I in a great position to create ‘Setting up a Profitable Virtual Assistant business’.

Along with the course you will also receive our Set Up Checklist, Action Plan and access to our ongoing support network. For lots more information on all our course has to offer, simply follow this link: