Restaurant marketing campaigns have been something we’ve recently been running. These have become increasingly popular with restaurants and restaurant managers and, as always, we research the market for them and gather lots of our own primary research together. With our input, we help them get the soul of their service across to clients and potential clients on a consistent basis and this always leads to interesting work! I thought I would share the findings of our 4 survey questions as:

1. Everyone loves food!
2. This should be of interest to people who run/manage a restaurant
3. I found it really interesting!

We surveyed 100 of our connections through our Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Survey Monkey accounts and asked them some questions about their preferences, choices, like and dislikes of dining out at a restaurant. Here’s how it went…

1. What is your favourite type of food?

Indian 24%
Italian 20%
American (Burgers) 15%
Chinese 12%
Thai 8%
English 6%
Other (most popular other was French 4%)

2. What is your favourite night to go out for a meal?
Saturday 48%
Friday 32%
Sunday 15%
Other 5%

3. What is your favourite part of eating out?

Trying new food 38%
No need to cook! 21%
A chance to relax 16%
The atmosphere of a restaurant 13%
Other (No washing up was most popular 6 %)

4. What’s the most important factor in how much you like a restaurant?

The quality of service/staff 48%
The standard of food 31%
The variety 8%
The location 7%
Other 6%

So, there you have it: Customer service came even above the quality of food at a restaurant! This was definitely our favourite finding!

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