At Expert PA Services we recognise that, in the modern world, our clients’ personal lives can be just as hectic as their business lives. Because of this, we have tailored a lifestyle management and concierge service to manage the tasks that need dealing with but that consume your valuable personal time which would be better spent with family, friends, and the doing the things you enjoy. Essentially your virtual personal assistant offers you a lifestyle concierge service. This area of our service has grown from mainly serving clients in London and the West End to now helping clients across the UK, Western Europe and the US.

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Here are just some of the areas our team can help you manage:

Property Management

We offer property management and support for landlords, your virtual personal assistant will help you with day to day tasks and provide tradespeople to solve issues where necessary. For short letting, we offer a range of services to help manage your property and provide high quality customer service to your guests. We also offer holiday home management for our clients.

Holidays Research and Bookings

For many of our personal clients, holidays and breaks away are the most important moments in their lives. They are a chance for them to spend quality time with loved ones, family and friends. However, planning, arranging and booking holidays during your busy lifestyle can prove very difficult and this is where our concierge service proves so convenient. Our team take a short briefing from you and then take great pleasure in tackling the details of this on your behalf.

Family Event Planning

Here are just a few of the events our family event planning and lifestyle management service can help support: Birthday parties, Christmas parties, Weddings, Celebrations and Religious events.

Bill Management

Keeping bills and post managed neatly and efficiently is paramount to personal lifestyle management. This is something we take care of as standard for personal lifestyle clients. We make sure you are comfortable with us dealing with the administrative tasks involved in filing your post and bills and take care of correspondence where necessary on your behalf, once authorised.

Health and Fitness Organisation

Living a balanced and healthy life is our mantra here at Expert PA Services. We encourage all our personal clients to eat well and exercise regularly as we believe this is fundamental to the quality of your experience in life. We provide shopping arrangements and deliveries of healthy foods and supplements. We also provide fitness programs, can arrange personal training sessions and manage gym memberships on your behalf.

Luxury Travel concierge service

Here are just of a few of the areas our concierge service can handle with your travel arrangements: Flights, Chauffeur service, Luxury car hire, Train tickets and Taxi service

Luxury Accommodation

Our virtual assistants have a broad range of contacts in luxury hotels across Europe and beyond. This means we are able to offer luxurious accommodation on-hand for you as a concierge service client. We make sure you are staying in comfort and with the facilities available that you require.

Ticket Sourcing for Sports and Music Events

Fine dining is something that is very popular amongst our concierge clients. Whether it’s a last minute London restaurant reservation, or afternoon tea in Mayfair. We make reservations where specified so you can enjoy the experience with lots of time to spare.

Private Car Hire

Whatever the requirements are for you when hiring a vehicle, your virtual personal assistant will be happy to organise this for you through our range of trusted suppliers. We make the experience efficient and hassle-free.

Spa Service Arrangement & lifestyle concierge

Sometimes short periods of rest and recovery are crucial if you have a busy lifestyle. At Expert PA Services, we believe that luxury spa treatment is a perfect way to recharge tired bodies and minds. We are linked with high quality facilities across Europe and beyond, providing you with the best luxury treatments and ensuring you have full access to our lifestyle concierge service.

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