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Are you a busy Entrepreneur or Startup keen to put your plans in to place but struggling to free up time to do so? If you’re feeling overwhelmed by your tasks, here are our top 5 areas to delegate to a Virtual Assistant and maximise the efficiency of your business…

Market research

Establishing your market as accurately as possible is something all serious Entrepreneurs and start-ups aim to do. This is also very time consuming and can often take a lot of focus away from developing their concept which is equally important. Why not leverage the use of a great Virtual Assistant to deal with some of this work on your behalf. From exploring demographic data to sourcing relevant contacts and networking, a Virtual Assistant can prove invaluable to an Entrepreneur in this area.

Marketing and Social Media

If you value getting your product or service out in front of your target customers frequently then social media platforms are great for this. However, they can prove very time and energy-consuming when it comes to setting up systems such as Facebook featured ad campaigns or even regular LinkedIn posts. An experienced virtual assistant can take this workload off your hands and work through their own initiative to build a very effective presence on these platforms by creating content and strategies for you. Other general marketing strategies can also be taken on by your virtual assistant such as direct marketing with calls and emails or blogging.

Customer Service

A very cost effective way to offer a great level of customer service is to have an experienced Virtual Assistant handle your phone calls and even support you with things like video calls. There are sure to also be many other areas here that you may not have even considered where a Virtual Assistant can add value and quality to the level of customer or client service your business delivers whilst still being very cost effective.

Travel and Diary management

As a busy entrepreneur, time is always at a premium. Spending precious time arranging travel or booking meetings is not efficient but necessary. An experienced Virtual Assistant will be able to allocate your time in the best possible way,  arrange more time effective routes for travel and even calculate time frames for respective meetings and prioritise these for you.

Email management

If you’re anything like any of the entrepreneurs we deal with then you will have a deluge of emails pouring into your inbox on a daily basis. Sifting through these can take time and concentration. Your virtual assistant can neatly file these, respond on your behalf or flag for your personal attention every day which will leave you feeling organised and composed with your correspondence.

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