My name is Laura McBride and I run Expert PA Services ( ). We are a team of highly experienced Personal Assistants working remotely to support businesses, allowing them be more efficient and grow more quickly. One of the most popular of our services is the telephone call handling service, so I thought I would briefly outline this here.

Worried you’re missing key phone calls?

Phone calls are often the first point of customer contact for many businesses and, because of this, a professional first impression can often be the difference between making a sale and not. Telephone calls can take up a lot of time for many of our clients which would be much better spent with them focusing on their area of expertise. Many businesses also fear missing those key calls from potential new customers which are crucial to their business. We effectively create extra time for them by handling their phone calls and offer the following features with this service:

  • Diary management 
  • Appointment booking
  • Key message reporting – Sent directly to client email address
  • Customer service
  • Call logging
  • Cost effective pricing

Never worry about missing those key telephone calls again

Our service ensures peace of mind that your calls will be handled with the highest quality of customer service and that all key information will be logged and passed on where required. Our team of personal assistants all have many years of experience dealing with telephone call answering in corporate environments and provide your business with this level of service as standard, presenting your business in the best possible manner during telephone calls.

If you’re interested in our telephone call handling service, then simply send us a brief email at our main email address: and we will respond to your enquiry.

Have a productive and organised day! 🙂