Over-delivering as a service…

Becoming a successful virtual assistant and delivering a great service is all about knowing your strengths and getting them across to your clients and potential clients. On our 2- Day Online Expert VA Academy comprehensive course, we spend lots of time coaching our students on how to pinpoint their strong points as a virtual assistant. Here is an example of an exercise we use to help identify these:


Establishing your specific service as a virtual assistant

Firstly, look at your previous experience. The types of people you have worked with and worked well with in previous roles. How could you package this up for potential clients and solve the problems they need solved?

Exercise: Think of 5 examples of where you’ve provided a great service to someone in the past. Don’t limit this to previous workplace experience. Also think about times you’ve helped family members or friends solve problems as well. What specific skills did you use? What were your strengths? What were the problems you helped solve?

This simple task can help you really understand what you can bring to clients in practical terms and get to the core of what you are offering.

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Have a great weekend!

Laura 🙂