Ever felt you simply don’t have enough time in the day to get things done? Been tied up with admin tasks and paperwork for hours on end without feeling things are ever organised? These are some of the basic challenges that a virtual assistant provides solutions for.

A good virtual assistant service provides many advantages such as:

  • Cuts down on costly office overheads – no employment obligations such as annual leave, sick pay, maternity leave, no need to provide office space
  • Frees up valuable time for the client to focus on what they are particularly skilled at and therefore allows them to be far more productive
  • Provides specialist organisational and administrative skills (often access to a team where needed)
  • Can work to budget and task whilst also providing service outside of traditional working hours

The virtual assistant market has expanded very quickly in recent years with an estimated 20,000 plus virtual assistants worldwide. This has been, to a large extent, down to the fact that businesses are realising that the service they are being provided with simply offers far more productivity than traditional Personal Assistant roles in a lot of instances.

If you are someone who values your time and aims to be as productive as possible in business or someone who runs a busy team and need to keep things organised and efficient in respect to the above advantages then you would benefit hugely from hiring a high quality Virtual Assistant service.

At Expert PA Services, we offer all potential new clients the opportunity of a free consultation and trial to demonstrate just how much you can benefit from our service. For more information simply email us at info@expertpaservices.co.uk or use the contact page on the website.


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