Expert VA Academy FREE webinar on working from home

Hi everyone, just a quick update and some info from myself and the Expert PA Services team on our Virtual Assistant Academy! We look forward to confirming the date shortly for our free webinar where we will offer everyone joining us lots of tips and advice on running a successful Virtual Assistant business working from home.

We’d like to make sure everyone in our community is on the right track before the first webinar so, to get the ball rolling, here’s a great tip for working as a virtual assistant: When starting your business and creating a business plan, it’s extremely useful to work out who exactly your ideal client is.

Working from home and finding your ideal client…

Where do they spend their time?

What sort of problems can you solve for them?

Once you have established the answers to these questions, you then simply work backwards from this and shape your service around providing the answers to these questions! Sounds simple once it’s written out like this but it’s amazing how quickly you can get muddled with thinking and forget about who your clients are and what they want. We explore this in much more depth for you at our academy and answer all your questions so make a note of anything you’d like to ask us.

If you have any questions about being a virtual assistant or how our academy works, please feel free to email us at or check out our website:

Have a lovely, restful weekend,

Laura 🙂